Sunday after Sunday, these little souls throng to our Theology Community with only one thing in mind, to be fed. They come from a nearby Slums or Shanty dwellings where life is so hard for most of their parents, in which majority of them are hailing from single families. Due to high levels of poverty levels in the Slums, we save the little we have as a Congregation to buy food and cook for them every Sunday. This provision for majority of them is the only official and sure meal that they think about during the week. Between school fees and food, food is the most important. Therefore, their parents literally send them to  us that they may get something to eat. We are also straining to find food due to these hard economic times that has been worsened by the presence of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We therefore appeal to you all our beloved people to support us financially or materially so that we may continue feeding these angels. Thanks in advance.

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