Decisions are made in life not only by the parents but more and above by the youths. Some times our Young generation make “wrong” decisions that only bring sorrow upon their lives. Who is there to guide them? They are at times like a sheep without a shepherd and end up in situations that would have rather been fenced from them. What a very charming stage in life, the laughter, the jokes, the hikes, the adventures, the teases, the innovation, the sharpness, the joy, name them are all given in abundance to the youth. But do we reap from all these, they come and pass like a passing wind, and we regret how we let them fly without us tapping them.

For this reason, we get closer look into the lives of our youths especially at the University and College level to not Decide for them but to help them freely make informed decisions that they won’t regret in life. We`allow them to use their God-Given gifts to celebrate life by accepting that this is a passing age and we need to “enjoy” with full responsibilities attached to.

We discuss matters: drugs, early pregnancies, relationships, crimes, entrepreneurship, self employment, team-building, welfares, Sexually transmitted diseases, and all all forms and topics suited for the growth of the Young Generations.

To facilitate or do all these, we need especially financial Support to fully administer to this beautiful and delicate group of our society where majority are Young Generations. If you are Youth Lover help us contribute towards a kitty by donating any amount for this ministry. Be blessed.

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