Passionists officially become partial members of our Congregation after a one year canonical preparation at the Novitiate, a stage commonly known as Initiation Stage. Here like Confr Tactics, he lived for one year learning and internalizing what our Founder St. Paul of the Cross intended for the brothers to follow. During this period, the candidate at some point is dressed in the black tunic(habit) the proper outward garment of all Passionists but without the badge and the crucifix. these 2 plus the Constitution is given to the Novice at the successful completion of the Novitiate term.

it is the superior who receives or if held up, delegates one of his consultors to do it. This celebration took place on 9th July at our Novitiate in Molo< Nakuru Diocese under the Superior Rev Fr. Raphael Mangiti CP, his Novice Master Br. Samuel Ojwang CP, and other Fr. John Nyaaga CP as witness among other Passionists fraternity.

After this, Newly Professed comes to Nairobi for his 4 years Theological Studies.

We wish Confr: Tactics Best of Life as a Temporarily Professed Member of Passionists Missionaries.