God has been so good to us as our Missions continue to expand. The Ordinary of the Large Diocese of Ngong His Lordship John Oballa Owaa, has given the Passionists Missionaries a Parish at Isinya that our presence may be felt among the people of God.

Isinya is a town in Kajiado County, Kenya, located at -1.67 latitude, 36.85 longitude, is 58 km south of Nairobi and 19 km north of Kajiado; the capital of the district. Isinya has a private airfield called Orly Air Park, often mistakenly thought to be named after Orly Airport in Paris. The name Orly is actually short for the name of area where the airfield is based, Olooloitikosh. It also serves as recreational air park that prides itself as THE HOME OF SPORT AVIATION IN KENYA. Some pilots and aviation schools prefer the airfield over Wilson Airport in Nairobi, due to lower costs.

Isinya is close to Kitengela and on your way to Tanzania via Namanga boader. Don’t just pass to Tanzania, have yourself a rest at Isinya, where majority Massais and others kenyans have also bought chunks of land and constructed homes within Isinya