Let us Feature Rev. Fr. Allan Jaketch

Have you any challenge with laughter? Then don’t be around Fr. Allan. He is such a humerous being, very loyal and faithful to his ministry. For that matter a very happy Priest. What does laughter add to his life, maybe we will inquire, but just to pre-empt this is what makes him glad and his days are numbered by this, they certainly shall be many. He has been so passionate about cultures to the point that during his Theological studies he openly contested the Mr Culture at the Campus that he without much challenge got the crown.

Allan is easy at meeting and making new friends, he is never afraid to ask if he doubts, this  makes him very true to himself, and never complicated.

Allan has been a great gift to the Congreagtion of the Passion of Jesus Christ he is a member, serving faithfully in his apostolate.

Do you know that he is also a good Leader? Allan led us at the campus under the title “President” where he was extra available and reachable that all Students and teaching Staff loved him.

There is very much to say about him, but all in all, Allan deserves our prayers that he may stay well and safe and even HAPPIER. MAY GOD BLESS YOU BRO.

If you want say anything about him, Comment in the Box Below. Ciao.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022