There are very many people in the world who are prisoners in one way or another. The Congregation that preaches Christ in all the faces of the Sufferings of the world, find it very relevant to reach out and do the same work with the Prisoners in different parts of the country. This year 2022, four of the brother priests were successfully inducted into the service of the Kenya Prisons Chaplaincy lead by Deputy Regional Commissioner Rev Fr. Peter Kimani, a diocesan priest from the Arch-Diocese of Nairobi. the one who is imprisoned lacks freedom, and this seems to be the greatest reason why imprisonment becomes a hell on earth. God gave man everything, but above all, freedom to choose what is right and wrong. When this freedom is taken away from man he/she in permanent imprisonment.   These Priest Brothers are:

Rev. Fr. Henry Ouko CP.- Regional Assist. Chaplain Overall of Sotik, Bomet and Kericho Counties answerable to the Rift Valley Regional Commander.

Rev. Fr. Denis Kimweri CP.- Ass. Regional Coordinator of Migori, Homabay and part of Kisii Counties.

Rev. Fr. Peter Mohammed CP.- Overall Chaplain In charge of Voi. Manyani, Wundany and Taveta Prisons in Taita Teveta County of Coast Province, answerable to Coast Regional Commander

Rev. Fr. Vincent Otieno CP.- Assist. Regional Cordinator of Kisimu, Siaya, and parts of Kisii Counties.

We mainly shall dealing with rehabilitation of the Prisoners, availability to Uniformed Staff and their families in matters pertaining to our spiritual upbringing, and extended to the community around the prisons. whereas the main work of the uniformed officers will be to facilitate safe custody or confinement.

We call upon you to remember al these above in your prayers for the apostolate is not very easy. With God ahead of them, all will be possible.