The PLA is the result of a long series of discussions that took place over several years involving both vowed Passionists Missionaries and concerned laity. Lay involvement was a topic since the foundation of the Order.

“Our Charism is a great gift. Our vocation to keep alive the memory of the Passion of Jesus (memoria passionis) does not only belong to our Congregation or to our communities; it is open to all those human beings that are moved by the action of the Holy Spirit. We accept the call to live in communion with so many men and women who witness to its relevance and vitality.” (Passionists General Chapter 1994)

This foundational idea led to further discussions and refinements within Vice Province since 1979 when the Congregation landed in Kenya consisting of vowed Passionists and lay persons. There has been an encouragement to all our Passionists Missionaries Communities and Parishes to found and sustain the presence of this group in each entity. After along deliberation on it, a commencement to work on specific plan for the development of the PLA program has been the desire of all.

PLA was founded in order to foster the Passionists Missionaries Charism. We project to have a large group ever of the “lay associate”. In addition, being a part of the Passionists Missionaries Family is also a part of this growing movement in the Church. PLA is unique because of the commitment aspect of our community. Vowed and lay members of PLA purpose to join together in ongoing formation and share in a common covenant.