Canonical Visitation 2023

Greetings of Peace. 

Canonical Visitation is a Periodical Movement to Communities, Parishes and Project Sites of our Congregation. This Fraternal Movement is done by the Superior of the Congregation, and under his authority, may send any of the delegates who are members of the Curia/Council to visit on his behalf. Members are encouraged to prepare for this visit that above all unites us as Sons of the same Father St. Paul of the Cross. Superior or any of his deligates blesses the Community Members and encourages them to remain steadfast in the pillars that govern the Congregation that is not limited to:

  1. Community Life
  2. Prayer Life
  3. Common Labour
  4. Social Life
  5. Our Families
  6. Relation with Society at Large
  7. Financial Situations
  8. Personnel 
  9. Projects
  10. Any other issue that is of great importance

Hence, this Year's Canonical Visitation shall commence on 9th July to 20th July. Any remaining community will be visited on a later date.

Before this Visitation, Members shall all gather at St. Paul of the Cross Ushirika Retreat Center for a Three-Days- Annual Retreat from 4th to 6th. Arrival will be on the 3rd July. 

May the Paassion of our Lord Jesus Christ be always in our Hearts. Amen.

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