The rebirth of Karda Mission Hospital. We congratulate this structural development which has just taken place. It was opened by the governor of Narok. 

This Hospital is owned by the Passionits Missionaries. its located in Narok County. It is going to be a very important facility to help the community around, most of whom are from Maasai or the Maa community as we know them in Kenya. This facility will reduce the long distance that the Maa community have been trecking to seek medical attention which is over 50kms away to the next Medical Facility. We encourage all well wishers to continue supporting this noble project geared towards the well being of our people. 

Maasai are very good people, they are known of their pastoral life, but also very intellligent and love development especuially that supoorts the lives of theose who are around them. Mostly they dont engage in sociaetal imoral acts but defend the property they have to the core. They have thus taken and considerd this hospital facility as their own and would not allow anything unpleasent to happen to it. 

Karda Hospital: Health is our Joy. 

St. Paul of the Cross;Pray for us. 

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