Nairobi Region Celebrates

The Catholic Church commemorates every year the Feast Day of the Ugandan Martyrs, who fell upon the cruels hands of the Kabaka of Uganda. There were a group both Catholics and Anglican Converts into Christianity, a religion that Kabaka thought was a threat to his Kingdom. They heroeneously accepted the martyrdom of different natures, most of it being bound in Chains and burned to death. Even amidst al these, they did not  renounce their fath. 

Kenya Passionists Missionaries took the Patronage of St. Charles Lwanga, one of the Catechists that faced the cruelty. Kenyan Vice Province has been divided into Three major regions ie; Nairobi, Rift Valley, and Nyanza region. Its a tradion that is held close in the heart of the Congregation to gather and Dance, Drink, Socialize and above all thank God. This is common in all the regions.

May God Sustain us. May the blood of the martyrs always remind us to go an extra mile for Jesus. 

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