Passionists Lay Assiociation

Members of the Passionist Lay Association Family after attending a Recollection at Mwangaza Retreat house in Karen Nairobi.

This a common practice among these young men and women gathered together to do many things for the well being of all, purely guided by the transmitted lifestyle of St. Paul of the Cross; the Founder of the Passionists Missioanaries. Passionists Lay are present by default in all Parishes, Communities, and Retreat Centers run by Passionists Missionaries. We welcome all to pray with us. We need prayerful men and women, who also at will support in their own little ways the Congregation of the Passionists. They do all things as partain those done Passionists Missionaries except those reserved and asigned to Ordained Ministers.

May the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ be always in our Hearts.  

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