Passionists Hope Scholarship Fund,  Provides College Grants to Gifted Disadvantaged Students.  Every year, a board of Passionists in Kenya identify promising local secondary students who aspire to become professionals – teachers, nurses, doctors, political leaders, engineers – but whose families cannot afford college tuition and fees. The Hope Scholarship Fund of Kenya provides financial assistance to fund a student throughout four years of college or sometimes high school. The most needy and promising students are selected through an application process. Through this Scholarship Fund you can change the course of a young person’s life forever.

Passionists Orphanage – Tonga, Kenya

Tonga Orphanage Home is situated in the remote Kenyan village of Tonga in Homabay County. The Orphanage was founded by Passionists Fathers and Brothers in 2006 to take care of children who have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS, are living in extreme poverty, or have been abandoned. Currently the Passionists Tonga  Orphanage is home for 43 children ranging in age from 5 to 16 years; these numbers include those who are within the Orphanage facility i.e 7 of them, but majority following the New Government Directive concerning Orphanage Homes, that all Orphans is possible to be living with existing families as their Foster families. this will allow them to associate with other children and the world in general, its from these foster homes that they are supported from. These girls and boys attend different local schools around, except those in High School where most of them are in Boarding Schools and only return during Holidays. The needs of the Orphanage are great. Last year alone over 500 children applied for admission. Plans are underway to improve and expand the facility. With a contribution of a $, you can become a Child Sponsor and cover all their expenses for one year. You will also be helping the orphanage feed, educate, and improve the lives of more children.

St. Anthony Youth Training Center – Karungu

In Karungu, Kadem and Tonga parishes bordering Lake Victoria, Passionists operate St. Anthony Youth Training Center, a technical school for educating girls and boys about tailoring,dress-making and hair making, carpentry and joinery to help those who have dropped out of school become self-employed.

Poverty, unemployment and lack of basic needs in these areas have left many girls vulnerable to early per-marital sex and early marriages with older men as boys engage in different vices. These contributed to many cases of school drop-outs, early child pregnancies, and contraction of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Older men entice young girls with money and goodies to abandon their schooling for short-term benefits.

Many of the boys currently at St. Anthony Training Center dropped out of school to engage in fishing and some of the girls had been forced by unfavorable circumstances into prostitution or fish trading. Yet with the high rate of HIV/AIDs in fishing communities, there are many orphans and families headed by children. This situation forces many youngsters to engage themselves in risky economic activities at a tender age.

Majority of the boys and girls at our St. Anthony Youth Center come from broken families where they experience parental ignorance.