We offer the best accomodation and friendly to all categories of guests.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

This Center is located in Karen between Hardy and the Cooperative University. Its bot a Spiritual and Accommodation Center.

Passionist Retreat Center is a serene and a soul searching place situated along Ushirika Road, Karen Langata, Maasai West Lane, Gate 133 Nairobi Kenya. It offers high quality accommodation, conferences, retreats, workshops/seminars, wedding receptions and photo sessions, Religious Professions and graduation for guests seeking value and convenience. It offers a tranquil atmosphere, peace, security, and Wi-Fi wireless internet connectivity.  It is equipped with comfortable beds, common color televisions, and chapels for Masses, prayers and reflections. Upon request, we offer printing and photocopying, and laundry facilities, other recreational facilities are available for you.

Our Facility

The property has a spacious parking, 24-hour security with sufficient lighting and a dedicated management team to tend to your needs around the clock during the day and night.

Our Meals

We serve a sumptuous and varied breakfast, 10am Tea, Lunch, 4pm Tea and Supper, plus we have Beverages Squares within the facility where guests can prepare tea at any time of the day or night  that leaves one satisfied with services rendered. The shopping malls, recreation sites and game reserves are of close proximity just in case a guest would need anything we don’t provide from within, otherwise, we have most of the things our guests may need..

Our Capacity

The Centre has a capacity of 35 Single Self Contained Rooms in the New One Storey Building and 10 in the Old Renovated Wing among the 5 with Double Beds.  It provides an ideal setting for a comfortable stay with a maximum of privacy and service. Passionist Retreat Centre is owned and managed by the Passionists Missionaries in Kenya, a Catholic Religious Congregation and Nonprofit making Organization. It was founded in 1985 its main in preaching Christ Suffering as preaching retreat is top of our main apostolate.

Passionist Retreat Center is set on beautiful grounds and offers a lush and peaceful setting for any retreat experience. We offer a wide range of facilities with comfortable, contemporary accommodation.

Each Self-contained room is well furnished with a bathroom, shower, working area, wardrobe, wireless internet and large airy windows


We have 2 spacious dining Halls where we serve sumptuous buffet & breakfast of balanced diet + a large TV Room attached for Extended Recreation.

Our Rates

We guarantee you the lowest room rates at our Centre. We offer flexible packages with discounts for group accommodation or long stays.


Breakfast is served between 8.15 a.m. and 9 a.m. There is tea, cocoa, milo, hibiscus teas, lemons and coffee plus other additives from which one can freely choose from.

We have a number of comfortable breakout spaces in the Retreat Centre, conveniently located for smaller groups.

There are also fresh pastries and proteins in every breakfast served in style with great proteins served at every breakfast.

Chapel & Prayer Room

We have 2 chapels, and One Cool Adoration Chapel located within the Center that is easily accessible to all retreatants. We would love to work with you to host your next church retreat. As a Christian Centre, we understand the needs and priorities of church groups. We will support your team to facilitate community connection, spiritual growth, and encounter with Jesus, through the experience of time away together.

Special Interest Groups

With our large open Garden, makes it a great option for a wide range of special interested groups like wedding and team building among other, sporting clubs visiting the region for local team buildings activities, and any other craft groups looking for a comfortable space for activities of such interest.


Personal Retreat

These are driven by the retreatant without the aid a preacher or guide.

Guided Retreat- here the retreatant needs to be listened to and be guided to realize the entire self by the Guide

Preached Retreat

Here the group is addressed aloud by the preacher


This is a form of retreat but normally conducted in one day only. The Recollection that take either of the three forms above for retreat.

Non Catholics

Here we also welcome non-Catholic groups to conduct their prayer programs in our facility.


44 Self Contained Rooms with Single Spacious Beds and Balconies

5 Self Contained Rooms with Two Spacious Beds

3 Conference Halls

2 Dining Rooms

Spacious Parking Lot and Security


Gardens with Tents and Chairs; Stations of the Way of the Cross and Conducive environment for Prayers


Adoration Chapel


Retreats Preached, Guided and Self Directed

Conference, Workshops, Seminars Facilities

Private Meditations



Ushirika Road, Gate 133
P.O.Box 15122 (00509) Langata Nairobi,Kenya


Phone: +254 717 170 103

+254 735 520 798