10TH JULY, YR C: 2022
From Jerusalem to Jerico; a truly disturbing experience. A priest, a Levite versus a Samaritan. A straightforward disappointment! From church to ordinary encounters in life, from the eucharistic celebrations to the reality of our daily community life, from researched homilies, as Omollo Gor puts it, to the actual realities and practical experiences that put Christ’s demands at a cost we dare try etc. In truth, in true Neighbourliness lies the gift of eternal life. Let us harmonize our attitudes and perceptions about them: the samaritans of my life, the tainted lot whom we perceive to worth not, the right to access Jerusalem worship.
Two weeks ago we tried to go to Jerusalem through their village and it never worked. The samaritan lot stopped it. Shall we call fire from the heavens? Today, they have behaved as if they were worshipping on our behalf.
It is true that heaven may come to surprise many of us. They got it right. They dine with Christ in his kingdom this day. Let us harmonise our visible goods and the reality of the invisible wounded and dark sides of our life. Jesus is a reconciler and liberator. Through him, with him and in him all creation has come to be: the visible and the invisible, authorities, Dominions, principalities. All powers are bent toward the same Father, the creator of us all. Let us tap the spirit and art of spiritual warfare; it is about winning the enemy over. My right and left must be harmonised through a law, already written in my heart, a law not in the heavens nor the other side of the sea, for me to look for someone to go over to bring it. The law of unity. The Lord of creation has every aspects of life in pairs. Let’s learn this logic of eternal reconciliation. Paul of the Cross got this wisdom and he structured his spiritual thinking along it. The wisdom of polarity and reconcilatory outlook. Male is nothing unless bonded to the female and that unitive bonding propels the human species and generations to eternity. Life springs out of bringing the opposites two together. God is justified for He created man: male and female, the good and a privation of it exists side by side etc.
The question is: what is the difference? Paul of the Cross talked of a loving-sorrow, death and life, crucified and the resurrected Christ etc. Where is the wisdom in harmonising my life with the opposive Neighbours, forces, ideologies and devilished aspects of my life etc that hinder me from securing eternal life? The wisdom is Christ. Founded and bonded in his outlook, I am saved and I gain the citizenship in the kingdom of heaven by knowing in a graced wisdom how to deal with my neighbour regardless of social, religious and publicised perception of who I am.
Luke CP.