A weekly Paulacrucian Reflections, 15th August 2022.
Complete acceptance of the will of God is, for St. Paul of the cross, a first necessity. He practiced it himself, and manifested it to an extraordinary degree. He says, “Even if I should find myself thrown like a criminal from one prison filled with serpents into another full of dragons and basilisks, I ought to remain silent and approve God’s disposal of me as excellent. ” All that God has done is well done. In the face of events, there is no point in wanting them to be different than they are. It is too clear that every complaint goes contrary to the will of God. Paul of the cross, recommended accepting all things especially trials, as coming directly from God and not from creatures. We should see all things by the light of faith in God or in the good-pleasure of God. To accept all from the loving hands of God, to see all things in the Good-pleasure of God, is the way to finding consolation in everything. We need, as true Christians, a submissive acceptance to the will of God by bowing our heads to it thereby perfecting ourselves and adoring the dispensations of God. It must be, a loving acceptance a tranquil and peaceful acceptance that kisses the hand that strikes us. Finally, he concludes in one of his spiritual diaries by saying, we are to be content if all our plans, even good plans, are upset provided only that the will of God is accomplished (St. Paul of the Cross, founder of the Passionist Congregation).


2nd week of August 2022.
Thomas Fossi was a married man, who later on, after the death of his wife, became a Passionist . St. Paul of the Cross while writing to him on the will of God said this: abandonment to the will of God is the shortest path to perfection which is only reached by a detour. Paul of the Cross talked to Fossi in these words, I am privileged to tell you and repeat that the short cut to the acquiring of that true peace which is the offshoot of love of God, from which all the virtues flow as from an eternal source, is to take every trial, temporal or spiritual pain, sickness or infirmity of whatever sort they may be…from the loving hands of God, regarding and receiving every unfavorable event as a gift and treasure which is offered to us by the Heavenly Father and to repeat the Holy words of Jesus, “Ita Pater Quoniam sic fuit Placitum ante te,” and in this way to be always joyful and take pleasure on the fact that His most Holy and eternal will is being accomplished in us. Abandonment to the Will of God is also a short cut to peace.
St. Paul of the Cross tells us to allow nothing to trouble us. Peace is the most precious of the goods of the soul that we shouldn’t allow the evil one to steal from us. Remember, the evil one only fishes in the troubled waters.
Peace is the fruit of Abandonment. We are the masters of our peace. We are ourselves the cause of our disquietudes. We should indeed be aware that if ,we do not have peace, it is obviously our own fault. It is because we do not receive with tranquil submission all that happens as coming from the loving Providence of the Supreme Good. St. Paul of the Cross further indicates to us that another short cut to peace is a complete detachment. He wrote, if you want to gain imperturbable peace, the short cut to keep yourself in it is to imitate that Holy monk who had received a large bundle of letters from his home and country.
Without opening them, he threw them into the fire, saying, go into fire, thoughts of home and distractions. Do the same. Make a packet of your Reflections, fear, pettiness and minutiae and throw them into the fire of divine love.

Luke CP