Personality Styles


Type Ones focus on following the rules and doing things the right way. They are motivated by their desire to live the “right” way and to always avoid fault and blame. They are so intent on being perfect that it can backfire, and they can often be too hard on themselves and on others.

  • Strengths: Ethical, dedicated, reliable, strive to help themselves and others be the best they can be
  • Faults: Very critical, especially to themselves; tends to see things in black and white
  • Basic fear: To be bad or corrupt
  • Basic desire: To be good or have integrity


As the name suggests, Type Twos are always there to lend a hand and act as a support system for family and friends. They are motivated by their need to be loved and needed at all times. They’re extremely giving—to the point of ignoring their own needs. They really want to be liked and have a strong fear of being disliked by others, so they will do anything to ensure that they fit in. They tend to ignore their own boundaries for the sake of others.

  • Strengths: Caring, interpersonal, warm, giving, values relationships and service
  • Faults: Focuses so much on what others need that they don’t acknowledge their own needs; sometimes thinks they know best about the needs of others
  • Basic fear: Being unworthy of being loved; being unwanted
  • Basic desire: To be loved


Type Threes are success-oriented and extremely driven. They are motivated by their constant need to be successful—or at least to look successful to others. They do everything they can to avoid failure. They never want to look like they don’t know what they’re doing, and they put a little too much focus on what others think of them.

  • Strengths: Adaptable and able to succeed in almost any situation; productive and image-conscious
  • Faults: Feels their worth lies in what they can do and accomplish rather than who they are
  • Basic fear: To be worthless or insignificant; to disappoint others
  • Basic desire: To be valuable and accepted


Type Fours are motivated by the need to be as unique as possible—they never want to be ordinary. They are also very focused on feeling all of their emotions. Their moodiness can hinder them, and they have a fear of being flawed.

  • Strengths: Creative, sensitive, introspective, unique, understanding, empathetic
  • Faults: Desires to be seen and understood at all times; tends to be jealous and moody
  • Basic fear: To have no identity or personal significance
  • Basic desire: To be meaningful based on their inner experience


Also known as scientists or professors, Type Fives love to learn. They are constantly striving to conserve energy and learn more about the world, and this tends to make them very private and detached. They can be secretive and not very social.

  • Strengths: Knowledgeable, curious, insightful, analytical
  • Faults: Struggles to connect with their emotions; very detached and tends to be a loner
  • Basic fear: To be useless, helpless or incapable
  • Basic desire: To be capable and competent


Motivated by fear and the need for security, loyalists are the most common type. They value friendship and loyalty, but they are also worst-case-scenario thinkers. They like to be prepared for the worst and feel anxious if they don’t think they’re prepared.

  • Strengths: Committed, practical, witty, great in a crisis, always prepared
  • Faults: Can be anxious and sometimes struggles with self-doubt
  • Basic fear: To be without security and support
  • Basic desire: To have security and support

Type Seven: The ENTHUSIAST

A positive, fun-loving type, Type Sevens are spontaneous and motivated by a need to be happy. They never want to be tied down and are almost always full of energy. They never want to feel any kind of emotional pain or discomfort, so they do everything they can to keep themselves busy and having a good time.

  • Strengths: Adventurous, always planning something fun, loves having new experiences
  • Faults: Struggles with recognizing limits and tends to overexert themselves; can struggle with doing fun things in order to avoid internal pain
  • Basic fear: To be confined or in pain
  • Basic desire: To be happy and satisfied


Type Eights are motivated by their need to always assert strength and control over everyone around them, and to never look weak and vulnerable. They can be described as defenders or protectors, and they always know what they want. They are leaders, but they are also obsessed with controlling everything around them.

  • Strengths: Commanding, direct, protective, very take-charge
  • Faults: Confrontational, always needs to be in control, always needs to get what they want
  • Basic fear: To be harmed or controlled by others
  • Basic desire: To be in control and protect self and others


Nines value harmony, comfort, and peace. They are motivated by a need to always keep the peace and avoid conflict at all costs. They go with the flow and tend to let others take control so that they can make other people happy.

  • Strengths: Pleasant, laid back, accommodating
  • Faults: Can explode with anger when keeping things in for too long; can be too complacent
  • Basic fear: To be disconnected, separate, and/or lost
  • Basic desire: To have peace and stability in their internal and external world

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