The Nairobi Needy Children

Many people think that there are no needy in the cities, this is a wrong concept. There are so many needy families in our towns who cannot even afford one daily meal. We Passionists also attend to the needs of such in our surrounding. We felt that that there was no need to dishing out food to those who appear in our communities in town, but to organize a group of such vulnerable and make it a rather formal channel to administer especially to their education as we empower their parents or guardians to do some menial duties to meet the demand of food. Currently in Nairobi we have over sixty children who come over to our community. We have a food program just meant for them courtesy of our well wishers. Before they could come every Sunday, where they are taught with volunteers matter spiritual and life skills as well, prayers and playing together. Due to increasingly hard times, we can only afford it periodically. 

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