Priesthood Vocation

VOCATION is a call from above. God is the Initiator of that Call. When God has called someone, He already has a responsibility to give to the called so that it can be accomplished. It needs the called person to Respond either Positively or Contrary to the Call of God. When one responds positively to God's call, the better, God ensures that the called attains the end goal under God's watchful eyes. God provides and assurance to the Called. The finally when the Mission is given, God is fully aware and shall bring it to its Completion.

In that Regards, DO YOU FEEL CALLED TO THE PASSIONISTS VACATION? Are you a young man or lady who feels attracted to the Passionist life as Read in the Column of WHO ARE PASSIONISTS? Are you convinced  that this is the life you want to Lead. If Yes, then go ahead a Read about our Stages of Formation, and finally write, chat, or call us via the Contact Information given underneath. You can also directly chat via the WhatsApp provided.

CONTACT SATGE: Young men walk with the Vocation's Director
(VD) and periodically makes communications. This stage culminated to a
"Come and See" and eventually "Intake Interview"

RESIDENCE: Those qualified from Intake Interview, are
invited to join for at least One Year.

PHILOSOPHY STUDIES: This takes at least three years
currently in Arusha or can be in any country. Its in these Philosophical Years
that one attains Postulancy.

NOVITIATE: Upon finish of Philosophy, successful candidate
is admitted to at least 1 year of Novitiate, currently in Kenya but can be sent
to any country.

THEOLOGY: This comes after after first profession. its at
least 4 years studies, in any country.

PASTORAL YEAR: comes after Theology. This Leads to
SOLEMN/PERPETUAL VOWS, and subsequent DIACONATE ORDINATION for those candidates
to Priests. For Brotherhood Candidate, the Journey ends at the Solemn Vows

PRIESTHOOD: Comes at least Six months after Diaconate.

QUALIFICATIONS:C+ and Above in KCSE for Both Brotherhood
and Priesthood,

Only Kenyans for Currently,

Good and Active Catholic Believer who
receives Holy Communion,

Ready to embrace Community Life.