Do you feel God is Calling you to a Consecrated life in Catholic Church? Do you feel attracted to Passionists Missionaries Life? Did you get C+ and Above in KCSE?…If so, what are you waiting for?


The primary objective of Passionists Formation is to prepare people for the Total Consecration of themselves to God in the following of Christ, at the service of the Church’s Mission. … It is to help people to take personal responsibility for maturing in inner freedom, openness to the Spirit and in their call to mission. Passionists formation is a path of a gradual identification with the attitudes of Christ towards his Father and his people (The Consecrated Life n. 65ff).


The Initial Stage of Formation for Passionists life and ministry are Residency and Postulancy. This is a time of sharing life in a Passionists Missionaries Communities, and participating in all aspects of those communities. The Postulancy experience starts at our Passionists Retreat and Evangelization Golgotha Center in Karungu; Homabay Diocese of Kenya, where brothers participate in the daily prayer life of the community, engage in ministry in the local area, and take classes that prepare them for later Philosophical & Theological Formation, currently studied at Spiritan Missionaries Institute of Philosophy Affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa; Arusha Tanzania. But there is possibility that any student can be sent for Philosophical Studies in any country in African after the Memorandum of Understanding agreed by in the formation of the Configuration of Passionists in Africa (CPA). And being a International Congregation, students should be ready to go study in any county in the world where our presence is. They learn about Passionists life through the input of formation directors, and they continue to discern their vocation under the guidance of a spiritual director. The Duration of the Pre-Novitiate experience is usually 4 years. After the First Initial year, Postulants heading for priesthood advance to study mandatory Philosophy for 3 years in Tanzania at Spiritan Missionaries Institute of Philosophy in Arusha or any other country under CPA. Candidates for brotherhood remain back in their countries to pursue other relevant courses at the local Universities and Colleges as part of Pre-Novitiate experience, whereby, they will again meet at Novitiate together with their other classmates whom they started with at Aspirancy/Residence/Spiritual Year.

The Novitiate

Passionists Novitiate is a One-Year Duration experience of Prayer Life in the Novitiate Community and focused study of the Passionists’ Charism (Memoria Passionis) is the Keeping alive of the Memories of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The Novitiate is currently located at Molo, in the Diocese of Nakuru, Nakuru County. Novices pursue in-depth study of the Passionists Rule of Life. This study includes Reflection on the three traditional vows (Evangelical Councils) of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, as well as the distinctive fourth vow that Passionists Missionaries make. This fourth vow commits a Passionists to keep the Memory of the Passion of Jesus in our hearts and to promote that memory in the hearts and minds of the people we serve. At the beginning of the Novitiate Year, candidates are clothed in the Black Habit of the Passionists Missionaries, which symbolizes the ever Repentance Spirit of a Passionists as Black is a sign of Mourning. Mother Mary appeared to our Founder in a vision dressed in the Black habit and mandated St. Paul of the Cross to (…found a Congregation of brethren and sisters that will help me mourn my Son). Upon completion of the Novitiate, if they so choose, they make temporary vows to the Passionists Missionaries Congregation and receive the Passionists Sign/Badge/Insignia. This Insignia is the Heart Shape with white writings, that means, all those wearing it should try to let their hearts remain pure as white inscription on the emblem.

Post Novitiate

Passionists Missionaries students for priesthood continue their initial formation at the Tangaza University College in Nairobi Kenya, or any other country of choice by the Leadership Council. in those Universities they meet candidates from many Religious Congregations and Orders of men and women, as well as lay students, who engage in formation for ministry in the Church. Candidates who wish to pursue priestly ministry are enrolled in the degree program. After three years in temporary vows, Passionists Missionaries brothers are eligible to request for Perpetual/Solemn Vows. Candidates for the Priesthood are ordained to the Diaconate Order after they make their Perpetual/Solemn vows and then to the Priesthood Order after their service as Deacons for a minimum of six canonical months. For the Brother: After final Profession/Solemn Vows, together with the newly ordained priests, the Father Superior assigns them to a particular community and ministry. These are the stages of initial formation as a Passionist Missionary. Formation for Passionists life is actually a life-long enterprise that involves integrating prayer, study, community life, and ministry. Ours is a very rewarding life of communion with God, service to others, and fraternal support in a community of gifted and dedicated men.


1. i) MUST C+ and Above in KCSE for BOTH Brotherhood & Priesthood.

    ii) College and University Certificate, Diplomas and Degrees are ONLY added Advantage on the A MUST C+ in KCSE

2. Good and Faithful Practicing Catholic who has received all Sacraments of Initiation i.e (Baptism and Confirmation) and Regular at the Sacrament of Penance.

3. Single Young Men who haven,t attempted Marriage.

4. We don,t receive Students from Other Countries; Only Kenyans born in Kenya. Those from other Countries are Advised to join from their Native Countries.(with an exception of Uganda for Now)  




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